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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Recipe Reviews

I tried a lot of new recipes this week. Mainly because dh asked me to make a hot breakfast everyday during his final week and I got a lot of great recipes from the Favorite Ingredient Friday Breakfast Edition. So, here are my reviews and here is a definition of my rating system:
Overnight Maple French Toast- I was really excited about this recipe. It sounded sooo good! I liked the fact that it was pretty much ready in the morning and all you had to do was put it in the oven. The bottom layer had maple syrup and a brown sugar mixture. This made this meal way too rich for me! It actually made my stomach hurt because it was so rich. It did however have a wonderful flavor. I would probably cook it a little longer and only put the syrup on the bottom and not mix it with the brown sugar. I would change it a little but definitely try again!
Rating-3 stitches
Sausage Breakfast Casserole- My family loved this! It actually taste like sausage and biscuits! Will definitely try again!
Rating-5 Stitches
Baked French Toast- This recipe was very similar to the Overnight Maple French Toast. It suggest substituting the first few ingredients for syrup only and I definitely recommend that. The butter that was added to the top made the toast a bit more runny and I did not like that at all. I would probably use the other recipe and just use the syrup. It did have a good flavor.
Rating 3- stitches
Corn dog Muffins- This was a really neat recipe. I liked mine with mustard. My kids loved them. I would definitely make them again.
Rating-5 stitches
Easy Oven Enchiladas - This recipe was super easy and used a Hamburger Helper meal to make things easy. I used a different brand of salsa. this was a really good dinner and we even had left overs. Would definitely make again!
Rating-5 stitches
Easy Taco Pie - This recipe was also super easy. The meat sauce had a really good flavor. My kids loved this meal! We will definitely try again!
Rating-5 stitches.
Olive Garden Pasta Alfredo- I love the Olive Garden's Alfredo so I wanted to try this recipe. It was good, but did not taste a lot like the Olive Garden's to me, but I would try again.
Rating-4 stitches.

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