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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday- The Library

So, my 7 yr old sons last day of school is Thursday. What in the world am I going to do with 4 kids all day long to keep them happy and entertained? Well, I have a lot of things planned, but one thing I am for sure going to do is utilize the library. They have a summer reading program and the kids check out books and read them and turn in there numbers at the end of the summer the kids reading the average number of books read get a really cute t-shirt. They also have programs almost everyday and if you attend them, at the end of the program they draw for a $25 Walmart gift card. With 4 kids, my odds are pretty high that we will win one. LOL. Last year all of my kids got one and I got one extra kid this year. Anyways, they have storytime on Mondays, 4-H fun on Tuesdays which is usually a food activity, Wednesdays are Movie days and they have two age groups so movies are age appropriate, and Thursdays is painting days. If you go to all of one activity say 4-H days, you get a prize too. At the end of the summer you get not only the t-shirt but lots of free coupons from the restaurants in the area. So, as you can see there is plenty to do all summer at the library to keep your little ones busy. Check out your library to see what they have planned for the summer. The library and summer activities works for me!
Also, I wanted to share a book we checked out from the library that my twins love! My twins are 2 and we are trying to get them ready for potty training and they loved this book. See the book at the top of this post.
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ThoughtfulMom said...

We just signed up for our library's summer reading program last night. It is great fun here too!

Beth said...

This is Logan's first year doing the summer reading program. We started at the beginning of May (they let the under-5 crew start early, as it's hard for them to sit for long stretches of time, I guess) and we're on our way to meeting our goals!

jen said...

I have three year old twins. I remember the potty training days! Hang in there, it'll happen! I just downloaded our library's summer schedule as well. My oldest is finishing 1st grade and is so in to reading right now! Can't wait to spend the long, hot afternoons of summer in the air conditioned library!

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